Natural Beauty Boost

  • Probiotics – It balances your skin similarly in the way good bacteria when found in the yogurt, helps to balance your gut. It evens out skin complexion and keeps your face looking young. Additionally, it destroys the bacteria that causes dental decay and reduces the harmful effects of gingivitis… so you can have that lovely smile on your face!
  • Argireline – This is Acetyl hexapeptide-3, which is truly a substrate of Botox without injections or toxins. Known commonly as Argireline, it is used to decrease the visible effects of aging, by reducing deep wrinkles around forehead and eyes, when applied as a cream or solution to specific areas of the face. Argireline inhibits muscle reactions to move or contract, when forming facial expressions like frowning or smiling.
  • Camel’s milk – For a more moisturized and supple skin, camel’s milk functions best when formulated into creams, ointments and masks. It has
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Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Advanced Fat Grafting Procedure for a Butt Lift

If you want to increase butt volume and contour and have surplus fat in areas such as the hips, flanks and thighs, you could be a good candidate for Brazilian butt augmentation. The plastic surgeon would decide on a good donor site after careful evaluating your physique. Minimally invasive liposuction techniques are used to extract the excess fat from the donor site, after which is processed to remove impurities. The fat grafts are then injected at specific depths and areas in your posterior to boost volume and enhance contour. Effective diagnostic imaging systems such as the TouchView Ultrasound Transducer allow the surgeon to determine the position for fat placement and also the quantity of fat deposited.

This method is considered a safer and more effective option than implants as no foreign material is inserted in your body. Moreover, it offers the additional

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Rejuvenate Skin

Microdermabrasion for Glowing Skin

Your skin has many layers and microdermabrasion takes advantage of this fact. The top layer is thick, rough, and the site of imperfections such as wrinkles, scars, and blackheads. While this thick outer layer forms an additional layer of protection, it also provides a place for imperfections to reside.

Microdermabrasion uses tiny grains of sand-like material to remove the upper layer of the epidermis. The procedure can be done in a medical office, salon, or even at home with an abrasive cream.

Once the thicker outer layer is completely removed, the results are stunning. Facial skin is surprisingly soft and the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections is significantly reduced. Some refer to microdermabrasion as a face lift without scars since the procedure is so effective at rejuvenation.

After a microdermabrasion treatment, your body naturally responds by boosting production of new, young healthy skin cells. This

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Treatment for Brachial Plexus

Following are the different types of brachial plexus injuries:

  • Neuropraxia: although not torn, the damaged nerve is stretched out
  • Avulsion: tearing of the nerve from the spine
  • Rupture: tearing of the nerve, but not at the spinal attachment
  • Neuroma: although healing of the torn nerve has taken place, scar tissues exerting pressure on the nerve prevent it from sending signals to the muscles

These kinds of injuries are at times healed without any treatment. Children suffering from these injuries since birth recover by the time they reach three or four months of age.

In case the injury is minor, you can opt for physical therapy. But for complex injuries, nerve grafts or nerve transfer is a better option. Consultation with a medical professional at the earliest is advisable in case the child shows symptoms of birth injury.

Following are the procedures of reconstructive surgery for brachial plexus:

  • Nerve graft: the
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About Tanning Accelerators

Unlike traditional suntan lotion, accelerators are specifically designed to aid in the indoor tanning process. These lotions promote the production of melanin which is what our skin uses to give it its color. Furthermore, indoor tanning lotions don’t actually provide protection from the sun but rather are formulated to help your skin better absorb the UV rays from the tanning bed.

Most tanning beds have an acrylic surface, and using traditional suntan lotions can damage the acrylics. These lotions often contain mineral oil which is harmful to the acrylics whereas tanning accelerators are composed of natural oils like tea oil or green tea extract.

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Hair Care Basics

  • Educate yourself on proper hair-care. Buy relevant books, follow expert blogs and YouTubers, etc. However, if you are dealing with hair loss or thinning, make sure to consult a dermatologist at the first sign. Also, choose your hairstylist carefully. A good hair stylist will educate you on what they are doing to your hair and how to properly care for it.
  • Limit the use of Heat. The everyday use of heat appliances like curling irons and flat irons can lead to dried out hair. If your hair is severely damaged, then try not to use a lot of heat on the hair (if possible totally avoid it). This includes hot water, flat irons, hot curling irons, or hot blow dryers. How about going back to Roller Setting your hair? But instead of using the hair dryer – allow it to air dry.
  • Prevent over-processing. For touch-ups, apply relaxer to new
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Get Nose Reshaped

Candidates for Nose Surgery

Both men and women can opt for this effective procedure. They should be in sound health without any medical conditions that can cause complications.

During the Procedure

Nose reshaping surgery is provided on an outpatient basis and the treatment lasts for an hour or two. During this procedure the plastic surgeon will sculpt the cartilage and bone of the nose to achieve the desired look. Rhinoplasty can be done in two ways: via the open and closed approaches. In the open approach, an incision across the columella is required which gives the surgeon easier access to the nasal tissue. In the closed procedure, incisions are made within the nostrils. It is the surgeon who will decide the best treatment option based on the requirements of each patient.

Results of Rhinoplasty

Some results of this nose surgery can be seen shortly after the surgery, while its full

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Natural Hair Transitioning Guide

  • A good trim at the beginning
    Go for a good trim to get rid of those split ends. Transitioning will cause more split ends and so it is better to chop off those thin ends in the beginning.
  • Stay away from hair appliances
    Blow dryers and flat irons may have been your friends for years but now it is time to bid them goodbye. Always remember that heating your hair will lead to more split ends and breakage and hence you should stay away from them. Go for hair styles that do not requiring unnecessary heating.
  • Take good care of your hair
    This means that you use hair masks and packs that will keep the hair clean and healthy and also make it strong. You can use olive oil or sesame oil to massage your hair before shampooing. You should also deep condition your tresses to keep them healthy. Go
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Maintaining Short Hairstyles

  • Start by getting the right hairstyle that suits your face. Select layers, bangs, length etc. based upon the length and shape of your face. For instance, you can use layers to make a long face look shorter.
  • Get regular trims in order to keep medium or short hairstyles in the right shape. This is one of the biggest problems of having short hair but it is necessary for looking attractive.
  • Use the right kind of product (in the correct quantity) to hold hair in place and also to give it a glossy and attractive look. You can experiment with different types of products to change your look from time to time so that you don’t look boring. You will not be able to do without using a texturizing cream or any other product in case your hair is cut in spikes. There are many serums, gels and sprays available in
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Luxury of Manicure and Pedicure At Home

There is a higher preference for beauty treatments such as manicure and pedicure beauty treatments to be conducted in the home than at the beauty salons. Ladies who prefer the comforts and convenience of home would call in the beautician to perform house calls on manicures, pedicures and even spray tanning.

These home treatments are now a part of the essential beauty treatments that many ladies take on to enjoy some personal pampering without being awkward in a salon. Ladies feel more comfortable and relaxed at home while being treated from head to toe. The home is an ideal spot with the environment conducive for an unwinding of the body, mind and soul if the necessary space is available.

Busy ladies with a full schedule in society may not have the time to go to a salon for their preferred manicure and pedicure treatments which are deemed important to maintain

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