Create The Perfect Cat Eye Look

First of all, choose an eye shadow shade that is a little bit lighter than the skin tone of your eyelid and using a large eye shadow brush, lightly dust all over your eyelid.

Then, apply a highlight colour following the natural arch of your eyebrow, beginning from the inner brow and then sweeping outwards. At the edge of your eye crease apply a subtle brown shadow brushing inwards to about half way. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend the shadow to make a more subtle appearance.

Next, draw a line as close as possible to your lash line starting in the middle of your top lid, bringing the line upwards past the lash line to create the eyeliner wing. Bring the line back to the inner corner of the eye. You can choose a thin line for an elusive look or a thick line for a more … Read the rest

Get Lighter Skin

Avoid Sun Over-Exposure

Truth be told, age spots are not usually caused any aging at all. They are basically hyperpigmentation (excess melanin in the skin) brought on by sun-exposure. The spots you are seeing now were years in the making.

So your age spots are basically payback for years of sun-drenched activities you undertook without adequately protecting yourself from the sun.

All those UV rays turbocharge melanocyte, which are dark-pigment producing cells. As a result, the melanin is produced and it then clusters into brown spots.

So it’s best to avoid over-exposing yourself to the sun as so doing could bring on more spots and darken current spots. That said, you do need some exposure to the sun because sun exposure does bring some very important health benefits.

By using a sunscreen, you’ll be able to limit your sun exposure. All sunscreens are not made equal though. It’s very … Read the rest

Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

Drink lots of water

Water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing, and helps to get rid of toxic compounds as well as waste materials from your body. Carry some with you all the time and sip from the bottle frequently. This is an easy natural beauty idea that works well for anyone, and as a bonus, it is practically free.

Minimize cleansing and moisturizing time

Start using a rinse away exfoliating facial cleanser, or just make use of hydrating wet wipes to remove cosmetics and moisturize the facial skin. Smooth a little extra virgin olive oil into your skin: you’ll find it much better than a number of proprietary moisturizers, and even silver screen legend Sophia Loren swears by it. Organic extra-virgin olive oil has antioxidants that may slow down the signs of aging and rectify sun damage. Also, it is usually affordable!

Dry hair shampoo

Keep a dry … Read the rest

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hairpieces are very popular because they appear very natural, shiny, soft and silky. Also, they remain tangle-free because of which women find it easier to maintain them. They are made from the finest quality human air, obtained from women around the globe. They are available in most online and regular stores. Also, Remy hair extensions allow women to easily change the appearance of their hair, without causing any harm to their scalp. These hairpieces do not make the scalp feel very dry and they are not prone to dandruff as well. Also, cleaning and maintaining them is very easy.

Another advantage of Remy hairpieces is that, they can be easily colored, dyed, straightened, curled and eve heated. Hence, women find it easy to change their hairstyle when they use these extensions. Regular hairpieces on the other hand, cannot be heated, straightened or curled as they will be damaged. Also,

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Choose Eyelash Growth Products

Eyelash Extensions

Most people would argue that the use of eyelash extensions is the best way to have long and thick eyelashes. This option is definitely alluring since it offers very fast and considerable results. You can have longer and thicker eyelashes within an hour. However, this option comes with certain disadvantages like the fact that it involves the use of glue which attaches synthetic eyelashes to your natural lashes. This can damage the natural eyelashes and even cause them to fall out. Another disadvantage is that it can cause eye irritation or allergic reactions and can even lead to eye problems.

False Eyelashes

This is another popular option today. The main advantage is that like eyelash extensions, the results are considerable and fast. However, you have to find a qualified and experienced professional to ensure quality work. Otherwise, your natural eyelashes can get damaged or eye irritation may occur.

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Use Neck Creams

You can find neck creams that tighten the skin, everywhere, online, in stores and read reviews about them in magazines. There are some rules which can be helpful for you, when looking for the perfect tightening cream. What you need to take care of is whether the product has cucumber extract, vitamins, glycollic acid and aloe vera gel. All these ingredients can help the skin and make it look younger without wrinkles and fine lines.

The appearance of these creams, reduced the number of women who needed to go through painful and expensive surgery. The only difference is that the results from the surgery are visible after a very short time, and with neck creams, this is not the case. With neck creams you have to wait, to use the product for a longer period and then see the results.

What exactly causes wrinkles and fine lines around your neck? … Read the rest

Bikini Wax

The pain involved with bikini waxing can be slight or severe as the hair is removed and may sometimes continue for some time after treatment. Take an anti inflammatory pain killer such as ibuprofen 45 minutes to an hour before your treatment. This will not only lessen the immediate pain but will also reduce post treatment inflammation. Remember that the skin may be more sensitive around the time of your period so it may be better not to wax around this time.

Make sure the hair is of the correct length for waxing. Too short and the wax won’t grip it and remove it, too long and the results will be painful and messy! Generally hairs should be around 3 to 5mm though some hot waxes can grip hairs as short as 1mm. Clean and gently exfoliate the area prior to waxing using warm, not hot water.

If you are … Read the rest

Secret of Almonds

Like almonds, almond oil is one of the most leading and popular products in the market. Especially for its hair and skin care benefits, though not everyone is aware of its other benefits. Aside from beauty benefits, it has more nutritional contents than many other products. Almond oil is great for the skin because of its oleic and linoleic acid content. It can be used as sun protection and remedy for some skin allergies and inflammation. The advantage with almond oil over synthetic skin products is that it has more nutrients content and more usage than a regular skin product.

For acne treatment you will need 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of almond oil and a half of avocado. Mix the ingredients, apply on face and let it for about 15 minutes.

For aging skin and wrinkles you will need 2 tablespoons of almond oil, 1 tablespoon of lanolin,

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Tips Hair Color

The first rule of coloring your hair is for you to stay within the color palette that looks good with your skin tone. If you have fair skin then a deep black on your hair will look unnatural, so you will want to choose colors that look good with the color of your skin.

There are ammonia free hair color products available to people who wish to do their own color changes at home. These ammonia free hair color products will be labeled on the front of the box letting you know that they contain no ammonia. These products are gentler on your hair and they are better for people who suffer from breathing conditions like asthma.

Consider the thickness and the length of your hair when you purchase products. Most hair coloring kits are designed for people with average length hair that is of average thickness. If your locks … Read the rest

Start a Cellulite Treatment

In the past I didn’t have a system for getting rid of cellulite, I didn’t set up any goals… Here I will be explaining you the importance of doing a 2 weeks detoxification when you start a cellulite treatment. In my opinion this was a great factor in my success against cellulite.

Why? The thing is that a detoxification is centered on cleaning up your body of toxins. There are 2 major organs that detoxify your system: the liver and the colon. When they are no longer working properly, toxins are not flushed from your body, making your metabolism slow.

So, the first thing you need to do, to become successful with your natural cellulite treatment is to completely clean your liver and colon of toxins and fats. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply drink lots of lemon water – a minimum of 2-3 liters each day, … Read the rest

Virgin Remy Hair Maintenance

Virgin remy hair is natural human hair. It is not dyed, it can hold its pattern and take color easily with proper operation (up to application time and temperature). It’s best not to expect any weave extension to be as perfect as your own hair which is able to grow new strands and consume nutrition from the scalp. Weave extensions need a lot of maintenance! More importantly, any damage to hair extensions is irreversible; the only result is tangling-matting-garbage so please protect your investment and read the tips below carefully.

  • SHEDDING: There are left over hairs on the weft that will fall down when washed the first time or combed; it is not real shedding. The hair is sealed before shipment, but sometimes the sealer may not be effective and you can seal it again if you find it really sheds. It should be done before installment.
  • CO-WASH: You have
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Beautiful From The Inside

You’ll want to take in enough water. You may have likely heard that before and didn’t pay much attention. Nonetheless, it’s true. You have to have about ten cups of water daily so that you can nourish your body. The truth is, the body is around 60-70% water, in order to see why you will need to keep that percentage high. You happen to be always discarding water, be it from sweat, urine and also from natural cell processes, that is why it is best to ensure you have plenty of water. This is definitely a lot more important in case you are like many individuals and consume a lot of coffee each day. It is known as a diuretic, this means it will make you lose water within the body. Drinking enough water, in that case, is vital.

You must stop playing games with your sleep. At the time

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Lip Fillers

Women, in particular, are always in search of the best beauty products, procedures, treatments and the secrets to staying young and pretty as they were back in the day. Supple and soft skin, flawless complexions and toned bodies are the order of the day and woe betide anyone who isn’t looking their best.

Among the many treatments and procedures women are going for these days is lip augmentation. Because there are standards as far as what the dimensions should be to form the perfect face, many women want to make sure that everything matches and is in proportion when it comes to their visages. It is after all, the first thing that people notice about you.

Lip augmentation is defined as a cosmetic procedure designed to give you fuller, plumper lips. Gone are the days when going under the knife was your only option to have your lips augmented as

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